Capital Cavy Club

Some of you may be aware of Capital Cavy Club, we are a new independent club in the Wellington region. Therefore,  I am extending an invitation and a very warm welcome to all independent club members in regards to Capital Cavy Club’s first show on the 29th May 2021. This will be a double show, with the pedigrees being judged by Christa Krey and Pat Hardcastle. The pet section is being judged by Ann Harris and Christine Taylor.


The show is being held at Raumati South Memorial Hall on Tennis Court road, Wellington, with the start time for the pedigree show being at 9.30am. The pet show will be held during the lunch break and start at 1pm.

The Capital Cavy Club is located in Wellington.
We are an individually run Cavy/Guinea Pig club, focused on education of cavies in a fun and friendly environment.