Cavy lineup

REGISTRATION: $2.00 per Exhibitor


  • $2.00 per Breed Class
  • $0.50 per Duplicate Class
  • $1.00 per Pet Class
  • $0.50 per Pet Duplicate class

 All exhibits must be entered in a breed class before being  eligible to enter a duplicate class.


Entries can be sent by email.

Fees to be paid to North Canterbury Guinea Pigs Acc. no 020876 0274073 01

Or by cheques payable to North Canterbury Guinea Pigs.

All entry fees must accompany entries. Please enclose a self addressed envelope/email address if confirmation is needed.

Entries for Champion and Grand Champion must be accompanied by a photocopy of certificate

JUNIOR EXHIBITOR: This is not a separate section. Exhibits owned by Junior Members should be marked with a “J” beside the name of the exhibit.

PENNING: The hall will be open from 7.30am. Penning will be completed
by 9am.

JUDGING: Will commence at 9.30am sharp. Animals not penned, will be disqualified as animals can only be handled by stewards once judging has started.
Pet judging commence at 10am

JUDGES:     Helen Pentecost - Longcoat, Self, Crested and Agouti
Vanessa Burt - Marked, Roughcoat and Satin
Crista Krey - Pets
In the event of any judge being unable to fulfill their commitment, a substitute judge will be appointed at the discretion of the Nationwide Cavy Show committee


STEWARDS: Please indicate on your entry form if you are able to steward on the day. Stewards will be asked not to comment on any animals to the judge and to leave the judging area if their animals are being considered for In Show Awards.

TRANSPORT: Any exhibitor needing transport from Christchurch Airport should contact Joan Clack for possible help.

QUERIES: or appeals should be dealt with through the Show Manager. Her ruling on any matter on the day is final. See Show Rules included in the schedule.

LONGHAIR EXHIBITS: There will be a 10 min grooming time allowed for all longhair/merino cavies.

PET SECTION: Open to all. Entries close as with the main show.

CATALOGUE: $1.50 per catalogue
Advertising money to be sent with entries - cost as follows
Full Page $10.00
Half Page  $5.00
Quarter Page $3.00

DEBENCHING: All animals must stay in their cages until the Show Manager announces that the animals can be debenched. Anyone taking their animals away before then, loses all awards including champion points.

PRESENTATION: The presentation of awards will take place as soon as possible after the cavies have been debenched and the hall has been cleared.

SALES TABLE: Sales Table at this show for pedigree animals only and with papers present at the show. 10% of all sales goes to the host club.

ACCOMMODATION: will be at the Pineacres motel and cabins

VISITING CAVIES - there will be hay and food provided for the cavies at the hall.

DINNER:  Pineacres Restaurant, 740, Main North Road, Kaiapoi. -Price $23.00

Download the Nationwide Cavy Show Entry form as a pdf